Jenny Stevens Mosaic - Geisha

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Jenny Stevens Mosaic - Geisha

For many years we have had the honor to watch Jenny Stevens work and consistently produce a piece even better than the last one. It has been a privilege, to not only be the glass supplier for this talented lady, but a friend we at Axess Glass value. 
This latest piece by Jenny has truly blown our minds. The detail, patience, precision and talent that radiates throughout this piece is extraordinary.
Using glass from Axess such as Vision Art Glass & Oceanside to emphasize the blossoms and Kokomo/Vision to scatter throughout the sky, Jenny has been able to capture a stunning piece. With this and having the platform we have, we figured it was only right to find a place to be able to showcase this amazing lady's work and to provide another opportunity to share the story behind it.

"What can I say about this work?", Jenny started in her message. "I think I wanted to do another Japanese piece without the restrictions of the previous stylised leadlight pattern. 'Geisha in Spring'. 600mm x 1000mm. Again, each piece is fitted and no grout is used."
"As always the choice of glass is crucial. Initial attention is paid to colours and texture", Jenny explained. "Then, andamento comes into its own as you define your areas and contrast the different elements in your design. Whether it's contouring the face, the flowing lines of the figure, the strong verticals of the umbrella, the intricacy of the blossoms above as well as on the ground. Another aspect is the graduation of colours in the surrounding background to focus on attention on the central figure. The cuts in the glass are also variegated - the subject matter and its importance in the design helping to determine this ratio."

Jenny finished up with, "My goal is to use all of these elements whenever I create a piece. I hope to make every 'inch' as interesting to the viewer as the area next to it. 'The more you look, the more you see.' I hope you all feel the same."

To see more of Jenny Stevens works of art, please head over to her Instagram page - Jenny Stevens Mosaic. You will not be disappointed and may even find yourself inspired to get into mosaicking.