25mm QFBS Combo Holder/Bit

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Quick Fit Bit® Shock absorbing Bit with 25mm standard grit for The Grinder®.

The 200 series Fits THE GRINDER, The Grinder 2, Glastar G-8, Diamond Tech, Burk and other European style grinders

Installation and Use

 Open Bit-Holder
Slide Down Shaft
Flip the orange lever UP on the Quick-Fit Bit Holder, add bit. 
Then slide DOWN onto grinder shaft.
Flip the orange lever DOWN to expand the Quick-Fit Bit Holder, and lock in place.
No keys or locking tools required!
The Quick-Fit Bit holder may be adjusted vertically on the grinder shaft to fully utilize the glass grinding surface. Move the lever to the UP position when not in use.