Small bench top smoke absorber

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HAKKO FA-400, a small bench top smoke absorber with a powerful fan absorbs soldering fumes onto an activated replaceable carbon filter. In the horizontal position shadowing over work area is reduce allowing more working light, airflow at optimum in this position.

An optional stand is available HC1568, this fully adjustable stand can be set to capture smoke from above work area plus freeing up bench space.

Plug into any 240V outlet, constructed from robust materials and ESD safe.

Key Properties:

  • High performance fan.
  • 2 positions for smoke absorbing, Vertical or Horizontal
  • Air Velocity: Vertically 1m/s, horizontally 2.6m/s
  • ESD safe
  • Compact
  • Low noise
  • Dimensions: 166(w) x212(h) x 113(d)mm


  • Adjustable stand HC1568
  • Replacement parts: filter (set of 5) HA1001